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 Undoubtedly, you are searching for the perfect
 dog bed and you want that dog bed at a discount price.  
There are many different types of dog beds available.   
We have found the best cheap dog beds 
as well as other dog bed accessories.
shrimpy dog beds

Your pets can enjoy comfy, cozy dog beds inside as well as durable, outdoor dog beds at discount prices.  
With many styles to choose from, we can offer you selections of dog beds that will meet your needs as well as your budget.  
 We feature high-end discount dog beds for all budgets. 


Popular dog beds are:

~ Heated 
~ Orthopedic 
~ Bolster 
~ Wicker 
~ Elevated 

Carefully measure your pet while they are fully extended and comfortable on their dog bed.  
This measurement will assure your dog bed is adequate enough for their size.
Follow these steps to ensure proper sizing of your dog pet bed before you make the final selection:

          1) Evaluate Your Pet’s Lifestyle
          2) Consider Styles of Dog Beds
          3) What is the Comfort Level for your Dog
          4) Measure your pet while they are fully extended 

Take the time to properly measure your dog while on their dog bed! 
 It will save you the time and trouble of possibly
 having to exchange your pet dog bed.  
 In addition,  properly-sized pet dog beds will ensure your
 pets’ comfort, warmth and security.


The quality of our dog beds will outweigh the discounted price. 

discount dog bed

We offer a wide variety of dog pet beds, ranging from discount brands to luxury lines.   While the products are not cheap dog beds, a large selection of fabric, colors and designs are featured throughout our site.  It is important to consider all facets of your pet, your dog’s size, your pet’s age, their health and overall being as well as your dogs’ sleeping habits when choosing your pets’ dog bed.   For example, a cave-type pet dog bed is perfect for dogs who like to nest in their dog bed; orthopedic beds are ideal for geriatric dogs or pets who are aging or experiencing bone or joint discomfort; and a large rectangle bed is great for big dogs who like to stretch out on their dog beds while they sleep. 
All dog beds at cheap, discounted prices!


From comfort to style, you will be able to choose an 
excellent choice of bed for your dog!

Cheap Dog Beds

Before making the final decision, as you would if you were choosing a bed for yourself, answer the
 necessary questions which will enable you 
to select the right dog pet bed for your best friend—Your Pet!

~ What are my dogs’ sleeping habits?
~ Is my dog elderly?
~ Do I want my dog’s bed to be environmentally conscious?
~ Does my dog like to chew his dog bed ~ is he destructive?
~ How much can I afford & am I getting a good price?


Now that you have taken the proper steps to making a sound decision of choosing a dog bed
 at a reasonable price, have fun making your selection.  
 Keep in mind that our Customer Service Department will be happy to assist you (and your dog) in any possible way!
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